So, today I got my hair done…

It was blonde with natural hair regrowth, with some orange sections from a shitty hairdresser.

Today, I asked for my natural hair colour with lighter tips (ombre)

My natural hair colour is strawberry blonde, but now… I am a mother fucking ginger. I have nothing against red heads, I’m in that spectrum, but seriously.. This is not what I asked for.

I wanted to be light, not dark. It doesn’t suit me at all and I can’t change it. My hair was way too bleached to bleach it over again.

I’m not sure if I’m pissed or just depressed that the only thing that made me actually feel pretty has gone down the shitter.

Why do I have to have such bad experiences with hair dressers. It’s like they’re all fucking incompetent.

I give pictures and say exactly how I want it. But no, wrong every time.

I know it’s very superficial and vain, but I like to look the way I want and feel good about myself…. which is not happening right now.

No light hair, no ombre. I am ginger. The Doctor would be so envious.